Report: The NBA and Houston Rockets Investigating James Harden Strip Club Video

James Harden Party



Ah, the midnight ballet, a performance as old as time. In this new COVID-19 world of sports, we have learned that the strip club, not family gatherings, are becoming one of the biggest threats facing professional sports leagues. Yesterday news of Dwayne Haskins of the NFL potentially facing suspension for partying with no mask on in a strip club, news broke this morning that the NBA and the Houston Rockets are reviewing a video that shows former MVP James Harden in the strip club with no mask. Harden was said to be attending the rippers christmas party.

The video published by Black Sports Online has been circulating on social media and is said to be from a Houston strip club’s Christmas party held this week. The Rockets and the NBA are attempting to verify if the video is recent, and if they do verify it was this passed week, Harden will be suspended for tonight’s season opener vs The Oklahoma City Thunder. Between throwing balls at teammates, asking for a trade, and now this, you have to wonder, is James Harden worth the headache in Houston? The answer is no, and they should trade his ass now. Stay tuned as this story continues to develop.

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