RIP To A Legend: The Top 5 DMX Songs Of All Time



RIP To A Legend: The Top 5 DMX Songs Of All Time:

Late last night, we got the news we expected yet didn’t want to hear. Legendary rap icon DMX (Earl Simmons) passed away at age 50. Last Friday, we learned that the 50-year old had suffered a heart attack following a drug overdose. The word GOAT gets thrown around too lightly these days, so I’m not going to use it. However, I will say that DMX is one of the most authentic and real artists of the early 2000s. RIP DMX.

Rappers in today’s generation pretend to be what DMX was, and that is a real street mother fucker. The price of fame was high for the beatboxer turned rapper. At the age of 14, DMX was given crack. His fight with addiction went on until his very last day. When I decided to pay tribute to the dog, I wanted to ensure I wrote something that carries on his legacy and lets some of the younger generations see why DMX is so important. There is no better way to do that than show them his music, and with that, I present you with the official top 5 DMX songs of all time.

5.) Get It on the Floor

The year was 2013. I was fresh in my Exco shirt, ready to head to the school dance and show everyone we came to rep the culture. Get It on the Floor was the lead single from his fifth album Grand Champ. This song is one of the 10 songs produced by Swizz Beats on the record. The vibe of Swizzy and the raw edge of X makes this a top 5 DMX song of all time.


4.) Who We Be

Released on his fourth album, “The Great Depression,” DMX really took fans inside the life of a real gangster rapper. The song “Who We Be” gave his fans a true insight into the struggle of growing up an African American in America. This song resonates with fans because it touches on topics that everyday people went through. The song was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance. In typical Hollywood bullshit fashion, the award went to Missy Elliott.

3.) Where The Hood At?

Another classic from the album Grand Champ Where The Hood At exploded on the rap scene. In typical DMX fashion, Where The Hood At had that classic X rally call. Like the rally call’s in ” ‘Ruff Ryder Anthem,’ ‘What’s My Name?,’ and ‘Who We Be.’This song was an absolute must on the locker room playlist for any kid playing football or hockey growing up. If this song doesn’t get your blood pumping, you’re probably a lifeless zombie. Yo-yo, the dog, is here!.

2.) Party Up (Up In Here)

“If I gotsta bring it to you cowards then it’s gonna be quick, aight all your mens up in the jail before, suck my dick” and ”
That’s why you layin’ on your back, lookin’ at the roof of the church, Preacher tellin’ the truth, and it hurts.” Two very different lines in the same song. These two lines may be best define DMX. He was a man who would tell you exactly where to go if you crossed him, but he was also a man of god. DMX was always quick to remind his fans that we are all God’s children no matter the mistakes you make in your life. When you live the life DMX had to live, you truly understand the blessing that is this life.

1.) X Gon’ Give It To Ya

The number one DMX song all time has to be X Gon’ Give It To Ya. Produced by the legend Swizz Beatz, this song absolutely bangs. X Gon Give It to Ya” dropped in 2003 and was released as the lead single from the soundtrack Cradle 2 the Grave. The song also appeared as a hidden track on DMX’s greatest hits album years later. This song was the song that really powered DMX through the glass and into the mainstream.


DMX may be gone, but we can all allow home to live on through the amazing music he created. We may not agree on the top five songs, but we can ALL agree DMX was a real one, and this death is a tragedy.

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