Rob Font From Pizza Delivery to UFC Contender

Rob Font



Rob Font is Boston’s last hope at UFC gold in the foreseeable future. The city of Boston has not even fought for UFC gold since 2011 when Kenny Florian was defeated by Jose Aldo.

Now The city looks to Rob Font. Font is a fighter that found MMA in an unorthodox way. A young Rob Font was delivering pizzas when he stumbled across a group of guys practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He proceeded to watch a Georges St. Pirre versus BJ Penn fight. He immediately became obsessed and started training in Muay Tai and BJJ.

The New England Cartel

Font is always up for a challenge and is afraid of nobody. When Font was on the come-up in Boston there was another guy named Calvin Kattar. He was making a name for himself as well. The two wanted to fight each other to prove who was the best Boston fighter. Tyson Chartier had a different plan for the two fighters. Kattar fights at 145 and Font fights at 135 the fight was possible to happen but Chartier wanted both fighters to achieve UFC dreams.

Instead of fighting each other, they began to train together to form the best MMA team in New England, the New England Cartel. Kattar went on a spectacular title run in the featherweight division. He was stopped by Max Holloway at UFC on ABC 1. Kattar lost the fight but showed tremendous heart and a refusal to be finished. Iron sharpens Iron in the New England Cartel camp and toughness and knockout power are highly contagious.

Rob Font is widely looked at as a decision fighter. However, if you were to ask the men that have faced him they would likely tell you a different story. Font is a smart fighter that picks his shots. He won’t go out there like Kattar and look to brawl but Font has that knockout power and precision you do not see coming. Font does not have an official nickname but if I had to pick one for him it would be “The Boston Sniper.” The Leominster Massachusetts native can win on points while looking for his big shot to either put you out or get you to the ground and finish you there with ground and pound or a beautiful submission.

Rob Font to Headline First Main Event

Rob Font has an 8-3 UFC record. Font has five knockouts, one submission, and two decision victories. Coming into his UFC Vegas 27 fight with Cody Garbradt he has never been knocked out.  Grabradt will be Font’s toughest test to date and if he comes out victorious the road will only get tougher. Although Font is no stranger to difficult paths as his road to this top five matchup and his first main event fight has been long and difficult.

Font is coming into his first main even riding an impressive three-fight win streak over Sergio Pettis, Ricky Simon, and capped off by top contender Marlon Moraes. Rob Font has had a career of winning two fights and losing one. Now it is time for Font to put it all together he has been working on his ground game which he will need to make a title run. However, this fight I see going down standing up. Boston’s title hopes now lie in the hands of a pizza delivery boy turned warrior. Is this just the beginning of Rob Font’s story? We will see.

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