Robin Lehner Calls Out the NHL

Lehner calls out



Robin Lehner is calling out the NHL. In a series of tweets from throughout the day Saturday, Lehner used his platform to bring attention to what is really happening in the NHL when it comes to medical staff. It all stems from Lehner’s former teammate Jack Eichel who is still not playing because of a neck injury. Eichel’s camp wants him to have disk replacement surgery while the Sabres want him to have fusion surgery.

The first set of Tweets

Friday evening Lehner first tweeted a youtube video of Jack Eichel highlights. He followed it up by commenting on his tweet when he tagged both the NHL and the Buffalo Sabres telling them to do what is right.

Not too long after this thread, he calls out the NHLPA for not doing anything and for other NHL players not sticking up for one another. Lehner is was on a roll yesterday. He is doing something no other player in the league has the balls to do.

Fire Vigneault

Lehner said that he will soon be releasing stories if this shit keeps continuing. He has his own proof, proof from other players bother current and former. Before saying anything he made it very clear that his current team the Vegas Golden Knights is not a team at fault. But he continues saying that he knows many other teams, including teams that he has played on that are at fault.

In this thread of tweets, Lehner calls Philadelphia Flyers head coach Alain Vigneault a dinosaur and saying that he treats people like robots instead of humans. Continuing with saying that the first story will be about Vigneault. Lehner is spot on when it comes to these “dinosaurs” in hockey. We are in a new era of hockey. It is time to get rid of the old-school way of thinking.

What is to come

This morning Elliotte Friedman tweeted that the NHL is planning to reach out to Robin Lehner to see if he would like to be interviewed by the league.

The expectation is that Lehner will accept the invitation and he will educate everyone on what really goes on in the team’s medical rooms. Lehner has said he has kept his mouth shut and kept secrets for the past 12 years. He is ready to speak up and it is about damn time someone does. The league needs more players like Robin Lehner to step up and speak about the reality of the fucked up shit that goes on behind the scenes of NHL franchises. Lehner is without a doubt a fan favorite in the hockey world and rightfully so. He is at the head of something that could change the league forever. And change it for the better of the beautiful sport of hockey.

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