Ryan Graves Traded to the New Jersey Devils

Ryan Graves

Ryan Graves



This trade is a bit of a head-scratcher for both sides involved. Ryan Graves is a stud when it comes to defending in his own zone. His physical style of play makes it difficult for opponents to sustain any pressure. He is the ultimate teammate from what it looks like, but his time in Colorado seems to be over. In a shocking turn of events, the New Jersey Devils have made a move for the 26-year-old defenseman.

Ryan Graves seems to be an underrated name in the NHL. Being on a stacked defense in Colorado made it easy for people to not see his potential, but this guy is for real. The move itself seems to be odd on the side of the Devils. While they are in a rebuild for their entire franchise, it is clear they feel Graves can be a major factor in their future.



Why Colorado Made the Move?

Ryan Graves seems like he was a huge part of the identity of the blueline in Colorado. He seemed to be in almost every pressure-filled situation for the team. The question is “why would Colorado make this move if Graves is a big part of the team?” The answer seems to be more simple than you think.

With the Seattle Kraken expansion draft looming next week, it seems like Graves would have been unprotected by Colorado. This means they would have lost Ryan Graves for nothing. This trade allows them to lose Graves but at the same time acquire something valuable in return. This trade seems to be a major win for the Avalanche.


A Familiar Situation

The Devils seem like they have been in this situation before. They are clearly in a state of rebuild for their franchise. Any trade that usually happens for a team like this is most likely a selling trade. The Devils are actually the buyers in this trade for Ryan Graves. Where have we seen this before? Remember when they went out and got P.K Subban before the draft a few years ago? No one saw that coming and certainly, no one saw this coming either.

This trade is a home run though compared to the Subban trade. Subban is nowhere near the defenseman he was when he was in Montreal. Ryan Graves is still only 26 years of age and is heading into the prime of his career. He still has two years left on his current deal that is seeing him make just over $3 million a season. For the player itself at that kind of money and term, the price of a second-round pick seems like a win for the Devils. Overall, this trade seems to make sense in the long haul, but it still seems to have come out of nowhere.


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