Scars Make You More Attractive Paige VanZant



Get you a girl who can do both. Paige VanZant is stunning and can knock you the fuck out.

Many fans are worried for VanZant that she could get scars from her bare-knuckle boxing debut. However, Paige is not concerned, even saying, “I heard statistically that scars make you more attractive.” PVZ is a professional fighter and is no stranger to being bloodied in the cage.

Paige has changed camps, and her confidence has changed as well. PVZ has even said there is a clause in her Bare Knuckle Fight Club contract the would allow her to fight in an MMA fight. She has realized how good she is since moving to American Top Team. Furthermore, Paige credits them with her newfound love for fighting.

There is even a possibility we could see PVZ return to an MMA promotion in the future.


VanZant will be facing Britain Hart. Hart has three fights in BNFC and has a 1-2 record. Hart is an experienced boxer and has nine overall fights in boxing with a 2-6-2 record. Do not let her record fool you because Hart is as tough as they come. She went the distance with Bec Rawlings and lost a split decision for the BNFC Women’s Featherweight Belt.

VanZant knocked out Rawlings when they fought inside the UFC octagon. Although, that was via a head kick, which will not be allowed Friday at KnuckleMania. Also noteworthy, PVZ has only two knockouts to her name in 13 professional fights. This will be a big test for VanZant to see if she can hold her own boxing against a pure boxer in Hart.

This is a new challenge for PVZ and she is looking to take it head-on. VanZant is not worried about getting cut or hurt, she is looking to go into the circled square and have fun doing what she loves: fighting. PVZ would not mind picking up a few scars to show off while she is modeling after.

Do not miss Paige VanZant vs Britain Hart this Friday on PPV for BNFC’s KnuckleMania.

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