Seahawks Shopping Russell Wilson Officially

The Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks shopping Russell Wilson is official as they have been reportedly making calls to other teams regarding the QB. He is not happy with the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle is not happy with Russel Wilson. This saga has been one of the stories of the offseason.

Why Are The Seahawks Shopping Russell?

There is tension continuing to boil between Wilson and Seahawks management. Especially with head coach Pete Caroll. He gave Wilson full control of the offense in 2020 and at first, things were going well. The second half of the season is when the Seahawks started to ask the question of is it time to move on. Ultimately they came to the mission that it is.

One of the dilemmas here is that Wilson reportedly believes he is a top-five QB of all time where the Seahawks don’t even see him as top 10. Wilson wants to be on a team that will allow him to showcase his MVP-level talent. Which he is completely capable of. It is just hard to put up numbers with no running game and no pass protection.

Wilson is a seven-time pro bowler and a Super Bowl Champion. Furthermore, even in a season that looked like a shit show during the second half, Wilson was still able to put up great numbers. He recorded a new career-high in touchdown passes with 40 touchdowns and was five yards away from his single-season total for passing yards at 4,212. He even managed a career-high 68.8% completion percentage. The only number that is concerning is the career-high 13 interceptions.

What teams are receiving calls on Wilson are still to be determined. But I think we can all make those speculations. The truth remains the Seahawks shopping Russell Wilson is now a reality. Whatever team brings in Russell Wilson is getting one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Wilson can make his new home a threat to bring home the Lombardi Trophy.

The Seattle Seahawks are shopping Russell Wilson

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