Sean Avery 2 Minutes For Simping



First off I wanna say we had a situation go down where a podcast left and went somewhere else. In that moment because of the sheer unprofessional and rude way it was handled I maybe acted like an asshole at first which I can admit. These two podcasters have since left and have a new podcast where they hosted arguably the most hated player in NHL history and an overall favorite at Tarps Off Sean Avery. Avery went on their podcast and absolutely gave it to me with zero context as to what the situation was, now I understand that Avery is known for going off but this was extra hard… to me there was a strong detection of simping coming from a five-minute snippet sent to me.  Sean and two podcasters were discussing a situation that had happened between these podcasters and Tarps Off where again Avery, in his defense, was fed a ton of bad information, including that I live in my parent’s basement(I live in a house with my queen and our three boys). Once the bullshit was digested, Avery then proceeded to call me a “fucking loser” and state that I “lack some sort of drive’. Words are words and that is fine I can handle those but it does really chap my ass that he went in extra hard on me only because females were interviewing him. A clear violation of the simp-code.In light of this violation, I will still be the bigger man and continue to listen to his podcast and DEMAND everyone of you watch his bike lane videos on Instagram they’re fucking genius.  I truly hope Avery does rip our podcast “a new asshole”. He certainly has an open invitation to come on our show and like I’ve stated I am still an Avery guy BUT “Number 16 New York Rangers…Two minute minor for Simping. I don’t make the rules; I enforce them. Ps, here is an episode.

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