Sean Strickland vs. Uriah Hall UFC Vegas 33 Preview

Strickland vs Hall

Sean Strickland vs. Uriah Hall UFC Vegas 33 Preview

UFC Vegas 33’s headling fight sees two 185lb strikers go head to head as the dynamic Uriah Hall takes on the ever-entertaining Sean Strickland. Both men are on the cusp of the middleweight division’s top five and a win here could see them take one step closer to the much-coveted UFC championship belt.

Sean ‘Tarzan’ Strickland – 23-3

If you look at the toolkit of skills Sean Strickland brings to the UFC octagon, he is a perfect example of a fighter who has mastered the fundamentals of MMA. He does not throw extravagant strikes, preferring to utilize simple boxing combinations to devastating effect.

He pairs this with a constant willingness to walk his opponents down. While he does not necessarily cut the cage, his relentless pressure does not allow his opponents a moment of rest. He also embraces the mental warfare side of MMA, trash-talking his opponents as he advances upon them.

Uriah ‘Prime Time’ Hall – 17-9

In many ways, Uriah Hall is a polar opposite fighter to Strickland. He thrives off the spectacular. To this day, Uriah Hall’s spinning hook kick knockout of Adam Cella remains the most brutal KO in The Ultimate Fighter history. His jumping spin-back kick to the face of Gegard Mousasi, seen below, is also another example of his flair for the unorthodox.

The major flaw in Hall’s game is that if he is unable to land that one-shot knockout blow, he tends to struggle. In his last thirteen fights, Hall has only won once by decision. However, that this is a five-round fight may play in his favor. Strickland must evade Hall’s knock-out power for an additional two rounds.


Sean Strickland vs. Uriah Hall is an incredibly intriguing matchup in that both men are strikers with entirely different approaches in terms of offense. There is a strong chance that Strickland could be comfortably winning the fight, walking Hall down and piecing him up, before Hall lands a clean shot and knocks him out cold.

Strickland’s pressure-based style could easily see him end up walking into an unorthodox strike. However, by constantly hounding and goading Hall, Strickland may force ‘Prime Time’ into over-extending and leaving himself open. It’s a close fight to call, but regardless of who comes out on top, a stoppage appears near inevitable.

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