Should the Bruins bench Kase for the playoffs?

Ondrej Kase - Bruins forward


The beginning stages of training camp have been less than ideal for the Bruins. From injuries to violations, it has been quite the story out of Boston. However, the main story revolves around the status of forwards David Pastrnak and Ondrej Kase.

Both forwards have been held out of practice with the team because they are deemed “unfit to participate”. Rumours circulating are that both forwards came in contact with a positive COVID-19 patient. Other rumours include both of them playing ball hockey in Boston with some townies.

Since that day, they have yet to appear in a full practice with the team. The only time they were out there, it was a maintenance day on July 15. This brings up the question. Is it worth it to play them in the playoffs? Obviously you can’t bench Pastrnak. He is your best goal scorer and you cannot afford to lose that even for personal reasons. However, it is a totally different situation with Kase.

Besides being the team’s best goal scorer Pastrnak has a ton of chemistry with Bergeron and Marchand. Kase on the other hand has zero chemistry with anyone on the team. In six games in Boston, he has one assist, four penalty minutes, and has an even rating. Adding the fact he hasn’t played any games since March and hasn’t practiced with the team doesn’t help either. The you come to find out now that Cassidy doesn’t know if he will even make the team plane to Toronto on Sunday.

If you want my opinion, Kase shouldn’t play at all until possibly the third round if Boston gets there. You have a ton of young guys who want a chance and have more reps in practice then this guy. If Kase had come back earlier then he did, I would feel differently. Infuriating as it is, giving a guy like Studnicka or Frederic some ice time will gain their confidence levels.

Knowing Kase might not even get on the team plane is concerning and should basically seal the fact he isn’t going to play for the team anytime soon. Should the Bruins bench Kase for the playoffs or let him prove he’s worthy by playing him if he makes the bubble? Let us know in the comments.

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