For Immediate Release: Tarps Off Sports Has Signed MMA Legend Jake Shields

Jake Shields

Tarps Off Sports agree to terms with MMA Star Jake Shields to produce “The Jake Shields Podcast”

The Jake Shields Podcast is coming to Tarps Off Sports. The podcast will air once a week and will feature the five-time world champion Jake Shields as well as Tarps Off Sports owner Chris Mancuso. Shields is a storied Mixed Martial Artist holding multiple championships in his career, brings 2 decades of knowledge, and has a unique personality with an inside perspective to the world of MMA. He is the godfather and creator of American Jiu-Jitsu, a style of fighting that combines wrestling with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This combat tactic is what lead him to one of the greatest winning streaks in MMA history and cemented his legendary status.

The podcast episode premier and schedule details are set to be released in mid-April. Be sure to subscribe to the Tarps Off Sports Youtube channel for further details when they are available.

Shields is a founding member of the skrap pack, which features MMA legends Nick and Nate Diaz, as well as Gilbert Melendez. Shields holds victories over MMA legends Robbie Lawler, Dan Henderson, Yushin Okami, and Tyron Woodley and is currently one of the best competitive submission artists in the world having competed in “Submission Underground” which is presented by UFC legend Chael Sonnen.

Shields shares the core values that makeup Tarps Off Sports: being interactive, being in your face, and being genuine and not holding back free speech. Jake and Chris are opinionated and their personalities will make an entertaining and lethal combination. Since the onset of Tarps Off and the first phase of funding, Chris and minority owner Jack Gotsell came together with a shortlist of guys who fit the Tarps Off Brand and Shields was the first name on that list. From there the deal came together very quickly with Jake getting on board.

The logo was provided by Reiter Design Co, who will be involved with helping produce the podcast from design and technical standpoints.

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