Tarps Off Sports Staff Super Bowl 55 Predictions



It’s been 5 months, 20 weeks of action and 150 days since the season kicked off and we have now arrived at the final destination, Super Bowl 55.

No team in Super Bowl history has hosted the Super Bowl in their home stadium until this year. The Tampa Bay Bucs will have that honour when they host the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl 55.

The biggest storyline heading in I would say is surrounding the 2 QBs. On one side you have the goat himself, Tom Brady. On the opposite side, you have the potential future goat in Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes will be playing in the Super Bowl for the 2nd time in his young career and looking for back to back wins. Tom Brady will be playing in his 10th Super Bowl, looking for ring number seven. These 2 NFL icons will put on a show for the fans in this year’s game.

Big congrats to Germano for easily cleaning up the Tarps Off Sports Staff Playoff Predictions Pool. There were a handful of different strategies that we all took, but his proved to be most successful. With that said, I am glad to see I am with him for my Super Bowl prediction. While I feel the Chiefs have a great chance at pulling off the W, I have learned to not bet against “Playoff Tom”. With that said, I think it will be a massive defensive performance by the Bucs that really solidifies this win. While Tom Brady is the easy pick for MVP if the Bucs win, I went with a defensive stud who helped get them there vs Green Bay.

The other four have gone against me and the champ and selected the KC Chiefs. Three different MVP selections from that explosive Chiefs offense were chosen as well. You can check out all the picks and playoff records below:


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