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Tee Cummins



The Legacy Fighting Alliance train has continued to roll on full steam ahead after a tough year for the promotion during the madness of the pandemic. Now with some light at the end of the tunnel, LFA has been back in business, and next up is LFA 115, which takes place in the Menominee Nation Arena in Oshkosh, Wisconsin on Friday 23rd September. The fight card consists of fifteen bouts on the night featuring the hottest up-and-coming talent in the US.

The main event of the night is expected to be a barnburner with the LFA Vacant Light Heavyweight Championship up for grabs. American Top Team’s Josh Silveria will look to remain undefeated as he faces fellow undefeated fighter in Tee Cummins. Both men are no strangers to the promotion with Silveira having three consecutive stoppage victories under the LFA banner. Tee Cummins also fought on the promotion in March of 2021 recording a third-round TKO. If two fighters were deserving of a title shot, it would be Silveria and Cummins. Two proven finishers who are always looking to entertain the fans.

I had the pleasure of catching up with one man who features in the main event in Tee Cummins, to get his thoughts on his upcoming title fight and much more.

Interview with Tee Cummins

We are vastly approaching your world title fight at LFA 115. As you get closer, what’re the emotions like? Any nerves, anxiety, excitement, or are you just eager to get to work?

Tee Cummins – “Honestly all of the above. It fluctuates and it only settles once I step inside that cage and after the first exchange. I’m eager to get in there and display the work that’s been put in.”

You’ve had a fairly active year considering athletes have struggled due to the pandemic. You fought just five months, although it was a first-round finish, how did you evaluate your performance? 

Tee Cummins – “I actually hated my performance because of the expectations I placed on myself coming into the bout. I knew I was capable of getting the job done sooner & more efficiently.”

Looking at your bare-knuckle fights in the past, it’s one that intrigues me. What convinced you to dip your toes into that insanity haha, and what do you feel the differences are in prepping for the BKB fight compared to MMA? I would assume it’s easier on the body prepping for the BKK, but might be more mentally challenging?

Tee Cummins – “The only reason I decided to compete in bare-knuckle when I did was due to the fact that I was not being offered any MMA bouts at the time. Local MMA promotions were not up and running due to the pandemic & BKFC reached out and gave me the opportunity to compete. I couldn’t turn it down and I had always wanted to give it a shot anyway. It definitely is easier on the body in preparation. Although, the hands take a beating if you don’t land clean shots.”

Onto your fight at LFA. How much time have you had to prepare, and was it an instant yes when they said you’d be competing for the vacant title? What were your thoughts?

Tee Cummins – “I’ve stayed in the gym since the last fight and I actually threw my name out there to fight for the LFA belt back in July. So when I saw that there may be an opportunity for me to put my name in the discussion again, I reached out to my manager & shortly after, the fight was offered. I just felt this was a great opportunity to test my skill set and do something I’ve felt destined before since I began this journey and that’s becoming a world champion.”

Your opponent in Josh Silveria is also undefeated with a handful of first-round finishes. How do you prepare for somebody that gets the majority of his opponent out there very fast?

Tee Cummins – “Josh is very high level, but that’s the life you accept as a fighter. If you want to go far and that is you are preparing to step in there with someone who’s spent years and years of their life dedicated to hurting another individual. To answer the question though, I’ve prepared similarly but different. I have great teammates and coaches who’ve pushed me every week at practice, simulated the style and pace he presents. I’ve also been able to get a couple of sessions in at Fusion Xcel in Orlando, FL to finish up camp.”

Looking at both of your skill-sets and styles. Where do you feel the key is to defeating Josh and securing gold?

Tee Cummins – “Just fighting my fight. He’s great in all areas but I believe the same level of danger he imposes, I do as well. Just with a different style.”

Lastly, can we get an official fight prediction?

Tee Cummins – “No prediction here except I’m sure you will see a hell of a bout. Fights are chaotic in nature.  As Dustin Poirier says “by any means necessary”

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