Thatcher Demko is Staying in Vancouver

Thatcher Demko

Thatcher Demko



The Canucks have locked up their future franchise goaltender. Lots of fans were criticizing the Canucks for letting go of Jacob Markstrom this past summer. It seems like the Canucks had a plan the whole time for their goaltender situation. It seems after his performance in last year’s playoffs has gained him the ability to stay as the number one goalie. This person happens to be Thatcher Demko.

Thatcher Demko has been a highly praised prospect for Vancouver for ages since he was drafted in 2014. The former second-round pick has put up some impressive numbers over his career so far. He has appeared in 62 career games in the NHL. His most impressive feat so far came in last year’s playoffs. Thatcher Demko posted a 0.64 GAA and a 0.985 save percentage. Those are god-like numbers right there. His impressive play for the Canucks has earned him a nice contract extension with the club.



Demko’s Impressive Playoff Run

The numbers said above will tell you everything about Thatcher Demko’s playoff run last season. The Canucks seemed like they had no shot against a highly favored Vegas Golden Knights squad. When Markstrom was unable to go in a critical game five, Thatcher Demko got the most important start of his life. It was that start that led on to an impressive stretch to end a series ever.

Demko allowed just two goals over the span of three games. This included a 2-1 win in game five, a 4-0 shutout in game six, and a 3-0 loss in game seven. Two of the three goals in that game were empty netters so they do not count against Demko. If the Canucks could have solved Robin Lehner in that game seven, the Canucks could have ridden to a conference final. Demko was sensational and earned the trust of management to go with him as the starter this season.



No Brainer For the Canucks Here

Over the summer, the Canucks elected to sign Brayden Holtby to a contract. Some people believed he would be the starter for this team, but in the end, this is Demko’s team. With the expansion draft on the horizon for the Seattle Kraken, it is clear the Canucks are sticking with Demko full-time. This might be one of the better contracts around the league for any starting goalie.

Most goalies around the league are getting upwards of $6 million a season if they are talented and are considered franchise goalies. This contract is an absolute steal. Although he hasn’t had much experience yet, the value is fantastic for each side. Demko gets a well-deserved pay raise and the Canuckcs are not overpaying for their starter. It is a win-win.


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