The 5 Most Gruesome Injuries In UFC History

5 most gruesome injuries



There are dozens of MMA injuries and cuts we could realistically call the worst of all time.

5) Marvin Eastman’s Horror Movie Cut

Ghastly gashes are far from uncommon, with fighters sliced open by everything from untrimmed toenails to sharp elbow strikes. Cage Warriors fighter Jack Mason suffered one so huge it resembled a gory window to his cranial matter in April, and barely a month passes without the MMA community collectively losing their shit at the latest major laceration, but few will live as long in the memory as Marvin Eastman’s at UFC 43.

‘The Beastman’ fought Brazilian berserker Vitor Belfort that night. It didn’t go well for him. Eastman lasted just one minute and seven seconds, falling to a trademark Belfort blitz for the TKO loss. Caused by the stiff knee to the forehead that dropped him, the cut was apparent as soon as Vitor pulled away from his felled opponent, and Joe Rogan immediately christened it a “goat’s vagina,” because of course, he did.

It remains one of the biggest cuts in mixed martial arts history, but it didn’t hold Eastman’s career up. He returned six months later and kept fighting until September of 2013.

4) Corey Hill’s Snapped Leg

This may not be the UFC’s most notorious leg break (we’ll get to that one later), but it’s just as likely to make you lose your lunch.

A contestant on The Ultimate Fighter’s fifth season, Corey Hill lied about his amateur record to get on the show, and actually had his first professional fight during the competition. Despite this, coach Jeremy Horn thought he had the potential to become a force in the lightweight division. He then took Corey on as a protege after the show, and he graduated to full-time roster member in January 2008, knocking Joe Veres out at Fight Night 12.

Hill eventually fought Dale Hartt at the first Fight for the Troops event, and disaster struck 20 seconds into the second round. Hartt checked a leg kick. Hill’s shin snapped on impact and was soon wrapped around his opponent’s calf, prompting Joe Rogan to scream himself hoarse while calling for the stoppage.

It took a full year for Hill to recover from the injury, and he never fought for the UFC again. He eventually retired with a 6-9 MMA record in 2015.

3) GSP’s Blinded Eye Against Jake Shields

Legend has it that the Spartans boycotted the Olympic games when eye-gouging was banned from pankration.  On the other hand, modern mixed martial arts is an organized sport and tries to avoid inflicting permanent injuries.

At UFC 129, Jake Shields poked Georges St-Pierre square in the eye.  Despite being nearly blind in one eye, the reigning champion managed to grind out a decision victory.

2) Anderson Silva’s Broken Shin Bone vs. Chris Weidman

This is the most famous yet one of the worst UFC injuries to be recorded in the history of MMA. It happened in December of 2013 at UFC 168.

Silva then was one of the heavy names among pound-for-pound fighters in the world. Five months earlier to the historic fight, his status as one of the best had suffered a credibility threat after Weidman defeated him to usurp the Middleweight crown.

The second fight was an opportunity for revenge and a chance to redeem his heavy-hitting image as one of the ferocious pounds for pound fighter.

In the early stages of the fight, an aggressive Anderson was a pain in Weidman’s ass with his turbulent leg kicks.

1. Alistair Overeem busts up his lip against Jairzinho Rozenstruik

This heavyweight clash only happened in late 2019, but it seems like the decade saved one of the nastiest injuries for last.

With only seconds remaining in the final round of this titanic clash, Rozenstruik uncorked a ferocious right hand to put Overeem away that exploded the former heavyweight title challenger’s lip.

Overeem has since had plastic surgery to sort his lip out but the scenes were nothing short of brutal.

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