The Bruins Reverse Retro Has Been Leaked And It’s Certainly Interesting

Cam Neely

One of the more interesting topics of this offseason is the news of the NHL implementing their line of Reverse Retro jerseys next season. Each team will get a new jersey for a few games this year and the design will be based on a retro look with a modern twist. I am a huge jersey fanatic and was stoked by the news of these threads being released. Today, we got our first look at a potential leak of one of the jerseys for an original six team: The Boston Bruins.

This jersey is based on the 1980s Bruins white jersey, or their home back then. That jersey was made famous by players like Ray Bourque and Cam Neely who wore it in their time in Boston.

Cam Neely

This is the third time in the 2000s that the Bruins have implemented a yellow-based jersey to their history of jerseys, joining the famous Pooh Bear jersey and the 2010 Winter Classic jersey. Personally, this jersey doesn’t sit too well in my head, but I can see why the jersey could be appealing to others. It brings back a classic design from a great history of Bruins teams.

The yellow base is definitely going to be a sight to see on the ice. The design just reminds me of the Nashville Predators’ current home jerseys. If they don’t wear a black helmet and go with a yellow one instead, then it is really going to be hard to like them for me. I always give jerseys a chance to be displayed during a game before I can make my final judgment. As for now? I give this a 6/10.

Most people wanted to see a twist on the Pooh Bear jersey by possibly making a white version instead of the original yellow base. Instead, they get an ode to the 1980s with the main focus on the “gold” part of the “black and gold” branding as the focus. What do you think of the potential new threads for the Bruins? Should they have gone with a different design? Let us know.

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