The Buffalo Sabres Have Won a Hockey Game

The Buffalo Sabres

Casey Mittelstadt



The wait is over. The streak has ended at eighteen games for the Buffalo Sabres. The Buffalo Sabres have been the laughing stock of the NHL this season. Their inability to hold onto leads and get huge amounts of goals have plummeted them to rock bottom. The Buffalo Sabres had their most recent embarrassment on Monday. They blew a three-goal lead to the team that they played tonight, the Philadelphia Flyers. You can tell that loss was their final straw to losing and they came out with flames shooting out of their asses.

It all started early on in the game. The Buffalo Sabres jumped out to a two-goal lead in the first period and didn’t look back after that. Even after the Flyers cut the lead to 2-1, the Buffalo Sabres completely dominated play. Brian Elliott stood no chance as his defence gave up on the game midway through the second period. He gets pulled in favour of Alex Lyon. The Sabres put two goals past him to ride their way to a 6-1 victory. This ends the eighteen-game losing streak that was tied for the longest in NHL history.



A Championship Feel to it

No, the Buffalo Sabres didn’t win a championship with this game, but it sure felt like it. Everyone who could tune in to the game probably wanted to see them lose to break the record. I am sure everyone watching felt good to see this team finally seal a victory. This team has the talent and the heart to string together a few wins. It just hasn’t happened this season like that. The Buffalo Sabres are not very good at hockey this season, but this win is a very special one.


What is Next for the Flyers?

What happened to this team? This team was a game 7 win away from the Conference Finals last year. This season they are endangered of missing the playoffs completely. This is the type of game you cannot afford to lose at this point of the season. It is time to assess the team and see if they can get a fresh start. Something needs to change to get this team back on track.

I would say a safe bet is to be a seller and not a buyer at the deadline. Why go all-in on a guy like Ekholm and give up future assets for a run that may end with no playoffs? It is a high risk, low reward situation. Just call it a season and roll with the team you have now. Plain and simple.


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