The Inspiring Story of Jamie Siraj



Jamie Siraj who is now a 27-year-old has been in MMA since he was only 16.  He fought as an amateur for a little over two years and went 6-1 before turning pro in 2014. Right before turning pro, Siraj won the Warpath MMA bantamweight amateur title.  Siraj started off his professional career at 2-0 and was set to face his biggest challenge. He was supposed to fight Brad Katona but that fight was called off and Siraj fought the next week. The opponent was the debuting Nick Ghaeni who was an Olympic wrestler and a huge test for Siraj. After three rounds Ghaeni was announced the winner where many thought it should’ve been a win for Siraj. They rematched a year later and at that time Siraj finished Ghaeni in the third round with a guillotine.

Another stiff test ahead for Siraj was when he fought Cole Smith and as he fell short Smith went on to fight in the UFC. Since that setback that was his last loss and Siraj gone on to win his next five fights. In 2018, he won the Unified MMA bantamweight championship.

His biggest and most challenging setback

His biggest setback in fact came at the highest point of his career. Siraj was 8-2 and at any time could’ve had his name called up to the UFC or Bellator. After his last fight against Blake Sigvaldason lingering health issues kept landing him in the hospital. In what he thought was all linked to a concussion his condition kept getting worse and worse. The doctors kept turning Siraj away telling him it was all in his head but it wasn’t.

Siraj soon would develop high blood pressure, seizures, adrenal gland tumor, got sepsis in the hospital and a viral infection in the brain called encephalitis. Siraj was called back into the hospital because his right adrenal gland was failing. His body was failing him more and more and was literally dying. All of this was caused by a bacteria overgrowth on the lining of his intestinal wall. Thankfully it was found and removed.

After months of fatigue, pain, and body failure Siraj is in a much better place today. In a championship fight, Siraj was down four rounds but came back in the fifth and final round and beat the disease’s ass in the most important fight in his life.

Style breakdown of Jamie Siraj

Siraj started off as a wrestler who along the way grown more and more comfortable with his striking.  First and foremost, Siraj is an outstanding wrestler. His timing on his level changes and his ability to cut the corner and complete the takedown is an incredible feat to have. Even on the opposite side, his defensive wrestling is so good. Even when he gets taken down he gets his hips to the outside and gets back to his feet on the offensive.

His drive, persistency, and his work ethic are a lot for guys to take on. Siraj has some nasty ground and pound he uses and that was seen as an example in his last fight. He’s someone that makes very few mistakes when he solidifies top position. He usually stays tight and makes methodical adjustments and when the neck is opening for the taking he will jump right on that. Even on the back of his opponent, in scrambles, or on top he’s a threat to snatch that kneck.

His striking isn’t on the same level as his wrestling and grappling but it’s definitely on the right trajectory. His best work comes from his output and volume. He’s able to get off multiple-shot combinations. Siraj will also do a great job throwing kicks-to-end combinations. More and more he’s becoming more technical and finishing a fight with a liver punch proves just that. Siraj seems to be a pretty good counter striker as well.

Siraj’s Return

Siraj plans on making that return to the cage once again back in the four-ounce gloves this year. No matter what, He has fought through challenges much bigger than stepping into a cage with another man. He was a top prospect in 2019 and now in 2021, he can put his name right back on the map when he returns.

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