The Mainstream NWHL Media Hurts Women’s Hockey More Than Erika Nardini Ever Could

Erika Nardini



In 2021, nothing overly surprises me anymore. But this shit is crazy.

Last night, Barstool Sports CEO, and a huge supporter of women in hockey, Dave Portnoy, shared a video showing the hate Erika Nardini has been met with for supporting women. Unfortunately, as one of the first people covering the Pride, my love of fun’s too problematic for NWHL Twitter.

As one of the founders of “Pride Diehards” (a fan page for the Boston Pride), the behavior of those in the “media” towards Nardini is absolute trash. This woman is legit backing a league where the women have literally had to miss the return-to-play tournament. This is because they don’t bring in enough money and all have to work a regular job. Someone like Erika Nardini could come into the NWHL and change the entire course of the league.

Erika Nardini Hate

Toxic writers like Rachel Doerrie, Hemal Jhaveri, and Marissa Ingemi have hurt the women’s game way than Erika Nardini ever could. These women and their Twitter mutants have established a pretty big community of internet bullies. These people are ruining the entire landscape of women’s hockey. If you dare even question them, they will send a pack of, quite possibly, the ugliest humans on planet earth to blow up your mentions/doxx you.

Those in the NWHL pandering to those bullying people in the name of women’s sports should wake up and smell the coffee. Money talks and bullshit takes the bus. This woke fad will come and go, but its lasting effect can be detrimental to the growth of women’s hockey. Women’s professional sports as a whole are better with Erika Nardini behind them not worse. Also before any of you brain-dead idiots try to send me “BaRsToOl iS RaCiSt” you’re all literally spun. Sometimes comedy misses the mark. Look at how much money they have raised and how many eyeballs Erika Nardini has put on women’s hockey. A lot more than the three woke bullies mentioned above. If the NWHL wants to survive they should grow a backbone and stand behind the Barstool CEO.

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