The Morning After – Toronto Raptors



Last night wasn’t a fun one.

The final score read 116-108 Miami, but it felt much worse for Raptors’ fans. Spicy P was not Spicy at all. Made one shot the whole night and sat the fourth quarter. It would have been nice to hear NN say post-game “we sat him because he didn’t have it tonight”.

Matt Thomas is a liability on defense and NN hasn’t called on him much at all this season, so when he hits the 5 minutes played mark, things either went really well or quite poor. Last night’s minutes were due to the latter.

As usual, Kyle Lowry was the gold standard again last night. Lowry was in his first game back from a thumb injury to face his good buddy Jimmy Butler. Now that LeBron is out west, it’s time to give the Raptor Killer button to Jimmy Buckets. Jimmy filled the stat sheet and added 14 in the final frame to seal the deal. Lowry had a Lowry line of 24/7/8 in a hard-fought 35 minutes.

Things get a tad easier as the Raps stay in Tampa for meetings with Houston and Chicago.

Streak: L2

Record: 16-17

Next up: vs Houston (11-19)

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