Toronto Raptors- The Morning After




COVID-19 Restrictions have hit the North. Toronto Raptors players have come down with COVID. 

When I first heard Pascal Siakam was hit with the COVID-19 restrictions, I definitely thought we’d be in trouble without him for an extended period of time.

As it turns out, the following day, Bulls vs Raptors was postponed and it was announced the Raptors’ next string of games were also postponed. Usually, when the team you follow intently games get canceled, that could put a downer on your day. But then it hit me.

It was only Spicy P that was going to miss time initially which would have left the Toronto Raptors with 22 shots a night to fill.Toronto Raptors: Spicy P

Don’t get me wrong, when the Raps are without an important player, things usually work out for them. Somebody always steps up and fills that void. But the Raptors are a .500 team at the moment. It is certainly odd territory for the 2019 champions.

Now, all those games are pushed back and Spicy P won’t miss any game action. Yes, we have to go a week with no basketball, but it truly is a blessing in disguise.

Look for The Morning After Toronto Blue Jays edition in the future. Not a chance I write 162 blogs but look for it!

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