The New England Patriots Have Opted Out of Next Years Playoffs

The New England Patriots


The New England Patriots have opted out of next years playoffs…

Yes, you read the title correctly. The New England Patriots have decided that they don’t need to make the playoffs next year and re-signed QB Cam Newton to a one-year contract extension. While the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets are trying to figure out a way to bring Deshaun Watson to their respective organizations, Bill Belichick has decided he would like to build on last year’s 7-9 season.

In fifteen starts behind center last year, Cam Newton had a 7-8 record throwing eight touchdowns and ten interceptions. This move for the Patriots actually makes very little sense. Following two decades of pure dominance on the field, they now find themselves in a position to rebuild the roster. Having a player like Cam Newton starting doesn’t help in a rebuild. Cam can win 6-7 games any year. Another 7-9 season for the Patriots would be another step further away from acquiring a draft pick high enough to draft another franchise Quarterback.

Pride is an important complex for anyone in sports, but having too much of it can be detrimental to the development of the franchise. This smells of an organization not ready to let go of the glory years. Kind of like a 50-year-old mom in skinny jeans at the bar singing Justin Bieber. The glory days are over. It is time for Bill Belichick to wake up and smell the coffee. This decision stinks.

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