The New York Yankees Suck This Year

Yankees Suck



The New York Yankees have played `14 games this year. After today’s loss to the Tampa Bay Rays the Yankees fall to 5-9 on the year. They are last in the AL East and have the worst record in the American League. There are only two teams that have worse records than the Yankees. The Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies. I don’t know if it is too early to declare this, but through two weeks it looks like the Yankees suck.




The Yankees rank 24th out of 30 in runs per game. They average 3.85 runs through 14 games which is almost a 1.5 run difference from their 2020 average of 5.39. The team has a .222 batting average which sits 22nd in the league. They are also in the bottom 3rd of the league in on-base percentage, slugging percentage, and OPS.

The best hitter on the Yankees through two weeks is Kyle Higashioka who has a .333 batting average but he’s only played in half of the games. DJ LeMahieu has the most hits on the team with 15. Guys like Giancarlo Stanton and Gary Sanchez are not showing up this season how they were supposed to. Stanton is posting a whopping .167 batting average while Sanchez is sitting at a .237 average. The team is missing Luke Voit and Miguel Andujar due to injury. The return of Voit to the lineup will be amazing for the Yankees. Last season Voit had 22 home runs and finished 9th in AL MVP voting. These bats need to wake up for the Yankees or it will be a long season.


It also comes with no surprise that you can’t win baseball games with only one solid starting pitcher. In the pitching department Yankees ace Gerrit Cole is getting the job done. He is responsible for two of the Yankee’s wins and has only given up 3 earned runs in 3 starts this year. The rest of the Yankee’s rotation is putrid. Corey Kluber is washed up. Jordan Montgomery is a back of the rotation guy.

Jameson Taillon has had a career plagued with injuries. And Domingo German shouldn’t even be in the league. The team has a 3.46 ERA which is actually 9th in the league. But when you have 4 starting pitchers that struggle to make it through five innings things aren’t going to go well. You can’t rely on the bullpen to save you day in and day out and that is basically what the Yankees are hoping for.

But them sucking is a team effort. The so-called stars can’t hit and the team has one good starting pitcher. The Yankees flat-out suck this year. It may be too early to judge that but the numbers are speaking for themselves. This team will be lucky if they somehow make the playoffs this year.


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