The News Out Of The OHL Is Grim To Say The Least..



Chris Mancuso has been working the phones and has multiple sources indicating that the OHL will announce their 2021 season’s cancelation following Christmas. This is not due to a health and safety issue, but the OHL does not believe they have the ability to move forward with a season financially. When Tarps Off reached out to one OHL executive, he said, ” The government toyed with the players. They kept promising money for the past nine months and never came through. Our club is a lot better off than most. For some clubs, it’s really bad.”

Tarps Off are calling out for help. Big Dick Doug Ford needs to step in and salvage the OHL season for the good of the game. If the OHL season is not saved, some of these teams will not be able to survive. This would be tragic not only for the future of the OHL but for the future of these young prospects that are counting on the league to do the right thing and drop the puck.

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