The NHL is Heading Back to the Olympics


USA vs Canada



The moment we have been waiting for has come to life. The NHL has not been present within the Olympics since the 2014 Olympics. When the Olympics came around in 2018. each team was made up of players around the world. The one problem was that not one player that currently played in the NHL had the ability to be present. That seems like it may be changing for the upcoming 2022 Olympics in Beijing.

We have seen certain moments in the Olympics that will live in history. Players have been very vocal about the absence of NHL players at the Olympics for years now. The NHL, NHLPA, and IIHF have come to an agreement for the upcoming Olympics next year. This agreement will officially make it so NHL players will be present for the Olympics. This news should make most fans excited and should boost the hockey ratings at the Olympics big time. The NHL had implemented a long break in the month of February in case an agreement would be made for the Olympics. It seems like that break will be put to good use for a lot of NHL players.



COVID Protocols

The world we live in is a scary place thanks to the COVID-19 virus. This global pandemic has caused major rule changes and adjustments throughout the world of sports. This includes the Olympics. The global pandemic has influenced a key rule within the agreement between the NHL, NHLPA, and IIHF. If the situation of COVID-19 conditions becomes too extreme close to the date of the Olympics, the agreement gives the option to opt out of the games.

Players going to Beijing will have to be fully vaccinated upon arrival. It also states that they will not be covered by COVID insurance and will most likely not be able to bring any guests with them. This is to help decrease the spread of the virus as the wintertime is the worst season for virus spreading.



Iconic Moments

The NHL has given the Olympic games some of the most iconic moments in Olympic history. From Sidney Crosby scoring the Golden Goal to TJ Oshie singlehandedly beating the Russians, the NHL belongs at the Olympic games. It is very clear that the Olympic games missed some superstar power on teams like the United States and Canada when the NHL was not present at the Olympic games for the 2018 Olympics. This rule paved the way for teams like Sweden and Russia to utilize their leagues to boost their chances in the games.

The new agreement will certainly bring more iconic moments to the history of the Olympics. We finally get to see the new wave of NHL players make an impact on the biggest stage in hockey. Players like Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews will lead a new charge for international play.



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