The NHL’s New Broadcast Delay Stinks

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The NHL dropped the ball on this one.

The news came out today that the NHL will be putting broadcasts on five-second delays. This is being put into place in order for the league to “monitor the players’ language” during the games.

There is one word in particular that I am assuming the league wants to sensor out. That little four-letter word that starts with an “f” and ends with a “uck.”

Well, news flash for ya NHL, the most used word in any hockey player vocabulary is f*@k and all other variations that come with it. The most common being that it can be used as a replacement for very and really. It also just adds the right amount of emphasis on any given chirp. Like this one from Travis Konecny.

Trash talking is also a big part of any sport. Hockey is no different. We love to hear the chirps from both sides. It’s called trash talk for a reason.

We all enjoy it when players are mic’d up during games no matter the sport. Well, that is exactly what we were going to get when hockey returns but now since there will be a delay to censor any swear words it may sound like morse code with the number of times the audio will cut out because a guy drops an f-bomb or three.

And if you are someone who thinks that they are implementing the delay for any other reason than I don’t think you understand what exactly is said on the ice.

How often do you hear of guys using slurs during games? Not often right? Right! And if a player uses one of those slurs then he gets dealt with. The most recent instance being Brandon Manning getting a five-game suspension for using a racial slur.

Otherwise how often do we hear about these instances? Some people think that every game there are guys out there that are dropping these words left and right. Newsflash! They aren’t. Because if they were you can bet granny’s 401k that cancel culture would hit them harder than Torey Krug hit Rob Thomas.

So stop creating a false narrative on a subject matter whose issue is very clear to identify. It’s one little word that the NHL doesn’t want children of young ages hearing. That four-letter “f” word that we all f*****g use in our everyday vocabulary. So shut up, sit down, and watch hockey.

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