The Ontario Government Bans Bodychecking In The OHL Which Is Absolutely Rotten



The Ontario Hockey League will NOT allow bodychecking this coming season. Yes, you read that correctly. The game of Hockey will be played, and there will not be hitting. The reason…You guessed it, COVID fucking 19. Lisa MacLeod, the Ontario minister of sport, confirmed the decision on Friday, stating that “removing purposeful physical contact from the game was a necessary step to preventing the spread of COVID-19.” I am all for not having the virus spread but cmon what the fuck is hockey without contact? Why were they okay with the NHL players hitting all bubble long? Will this impact the NHL once it returns in January?. I have so many questions, and even worse is that one day, contact will return, and someone will get very hurt. They should cancel the season. Contactless junior hockey is something most people will have zero desire to watch—a sad day for the game of hockey. This is absolutely rotten.


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