The Philadelphia Flyers Down The Pittsburgh Penguins In OT



The Philadelphia Flyers were victorious over the Pittsburgh Penguins on Tuesday afternoon defeating the Pens 3-2 in overtime on a beautiful finish by Scott Laughton. The smell of hockey was in the air and the battle of Pennsylvania did not disappoint.

The game was pretty awesome too, all things considered, the lack of crowd noise wasn’t as bad when you heard the sweet sound of skates on the ice, sticks tapping the ice and guys saying swears. Today’s game was the first of three on the docket and surely will be viewed from a league standpoint as a massive success. The Flyers showed why a lot of people in the Hockey world like them to contend for the Stanley Cup, a team with a great mix of youth and veteran leadership that will be tough to beat this year if Hart gives them the goaltending they need. The Penguins looked sluggish at times and showed some rust as a team, no moment worse than this Gino Malkin giveaway that lead to Kevin Hayes putting it in the back of the net.

Well now that we’ve had the sweet taste of Hockey’s delicious return lets grab a few beers and get ready for this Toronto Maple Leafs vs Montreal Canadiens game at 8 PM EST.

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