The Quarterback Questions are Over



The 2021 NFL draft is underway and is heating up. Five quarterbacks were picked in the first round. Some were a bit surprising, though.


The Obvious

I think it’s safe to say everyone in the country knew that Trevor Lawrence was a lock at Number 1. This man is destined to be a great NFL player and was by far the most complete quarterback in the draft. With Jacksonville finding their quarterback of the future, many are left to wonder what’s to happen with Gardner Minshew. Personally, I think he has the talent to be a starter somewhere, but if not in Jacksonville, then where? He may have to sit for a few years until called up again, but he’ll be back.

Trevor Lawrence may have the chance to do great things for the Jags. With new coach Urban Meyer, this team is looking to turn things around. Jacksonville also picked up Clemson running back Travis Etienne, which should be nice for Lawrence considering they won a National Championship together. Things are looking up for Jacksonville, and Trevor Lawrence plans to take them to the top.


Still Obvious, But Not as Much

Zach Wilson is now the quarterback of the future for the Jets. Sure, this is also what they said about Sam Darnold in 2018, but this time it’s different, or so they hope. Wilson has the potential to bring new life to the team and with a little receiving help from free agency, it might work out. Do I think the Jets are going to go from two wins to eight?

No, but they have to start somewhere.

Whether he’s excited to be in New York or not, he’s there. He is hoping to do what Sam Darnold couldn’t and turn this franchise around. After the release of former head coach Adam Gase, New York has the best chance of change that they’ve had in years.

Somewhat of a Surprise

Everyone thought the big argument at hand for the 49ers was Jones or Fields, but they had other plans. Trey Lance is now the face of the San Francisco 49ers. This was a surprise for some. Coming into the draft, it seemed as if Mac Jones was the guy they wanted. The Niners are getting a good player in Lance though. Lance passed for 28 touchdowns and zero interceptions in 2019 at North Dakota State. His season was cut short last year due to Covid and he has something to prove now.

The biggest question; will he pay off and outplay Jones and Fields?  My answer…maybe. There’s a lot of factors here, but it is possible. The Niners have a good team and a great receiving core for Lance to walk into. The team went to the Super Bowl two years ago with Jimmy G, and they’d like to think that Lance can take them back. Get this guy settled in and let’s see what happens.


The Big Surprise

I think most people wanted to believe that Justin fields might go to Denver. There were talks about a possible Aaron Rodgers trade prior to the draft, but this was just talk. Currently, the Broncos starting QB seems to be Teddy Bridgewater. Drew Lock is a solid backup, but most thought they would’ve tried to draft a QB. The situations were similar with Carolina but after recently picking up Sam Darnold things weren’t certain. Now we know the Panthers are sold on Darnold.

Being an Ohio State fan, I wanted to see Justin Fields go to a team I didn’t hate. This plan failed miserably. The Chicago Bears traded up for Fields with the 11th pick. Personally, I think Fields will struggle here. They needed a quarterback, but I was hoping it wasn’t Fields. We’ll have to see as time goes on. I believe that aside from Lawrence, Fields was the most NFL-ready quarterback in the draft. If this proves to be true, maybe he could figure things out in Chicago. After all, they were able to take Mitch Trubisky to the playoffs, so anything could happen.


The Shoe-In

After four quarterbacks were off the board by the 11th pick, we knew what was coming next. Mac Jones didn’t look too happy about still being around at the 15th pick, but I’m sure he’s happy now. The New England Patriots had their eyes on Jones since day one and believed they won big.  Bill Belichick is in hopes he has just drafted the next Tom Brady in Mac Jones. I can honestly say that after all the San Francisco talk, I thought Jones would be gone by 15. Jones has the chance to thrive in New England. He’s joining a great coaching staff after leaving that exact thing at Alabama. Jones can just hope that he can carry that same success over from his alma mater.


We can expect to see more quarterbacks go off the board tomorrow. Things are heating up nicely and the 2021 season should be one to remember.





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