The Refs Tried To Screw The Bills, But They Won Anyway 27-24

Buffalo Bills vs Indianapolis Colts



What an absolute ludicrous ending to a fantastic game. After Buffalo went on a roll to a 14 point lead in the fourth quarter, they found themselves only up by three as the Colts got the ball back with under three minutes left in the game. That is when the refs completely botched a call on a fourth-down conversion that was CLEARLY the fumble. The refs went to review and didn’t overturn the call and let the Colts retain possession and keep the drive alive.



Luckily, the Colts didn’t go a single yard after the call and blew their chance to tie the game. The Bills take this one 27-24. They will play the highest remaining seed left after the weekend is over. That will either be Pittsburgh, Tennessee, or Baltimore.

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