The Return of The Bachelor Was Lit

The Bachelor



The Bachelor is back baby! Season 25 started last night and there is a lot to unpack after just one episode.

It all starts with the Bachelor. Matt James is making history as the first black bachelor in the history of the show. He is from North Carolina, played college football at Wake Forest University, and lives in New York City. Oh, and he volunteers with children in the city. An absolute fucking stud.


Im Ready Its Time GIF by The Bachelor


Now we go into the girls. 32 girls will try and have their chance to impress Mr. James. There definitely were some insane first impressions. There was Khaylah, who showed up in a pickup truck. Kimberly threw a big fish at him, Katie who brought her vibrator, and so many more awesome things happened.

Easily the most disliked girl right off the bat, “Queen Victoria”. This fuckin girl shows up being carried by four men while she sits on a throne wearing a tiara. She refers to herself as the queen and was giving some of the other girls shit because they didn’t talk with Matt yet. She then proceeded to go talk with him after she already had her time. The disrespect was real. The funniest part was when she said “I’m going to put my best foot forward.” She then proceeded to stumble down the stairs.

Then you move into one of the girls who immediately became one of the fan favorites. Abigail was the first girl that Matt kissed this season. When she first introduced herself she told him about how she is partially deaf. Abigail was then the one to receive the first impression rose.

Three girls were sent home on the first night and the Twitterverse was very upset at the fact that Victoria received a rose and Alicia did not. This man sent home a professional ballerina on the first night. C’mon man. She deserved better and hopefully, she is seen on the series sometime soon.

There was quite a lot that happened in only two hours. I am still new to this reality TV thing but the more I watch it the more hooked I am. We are in for one hell of a season.

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