The Sad Reality of the Deshaun Watson Situation

Deshaun Watson Situation

Deshaun Watson Accused Of Sexual Assault By Sixteen Women

The Houston Texans have had quite the offseason so far. They have hired a new General Manager, had their star QB ask for a trade, and saw the face of the franchise ask for his release. All three of those situations seem minor now after the first tweet from Deshaun Watson hit the internet. In the tweet, Watson acknowledged that “he had become aware of a lawsuit that has been filed against him” but made sure to point out that the lawyer was “a publicity seeker.”

The lawyer in question is attorney Tony Buzbee. Buzbee is a high-profile lawyer who is not afraid of the limelight. Tony ran for mayor of Houston in 2016, losing in a runoff. Buzbee has brought sixteen lawsuits forward against Deshaun Watson.

The Sixteen women choose to remain anonymous, but it is known that these women all seem to work as massage therapists, one of which Watson allegedly hired off of Instagram.

My first question is, why is a man making 40 million dollars a season hiring massage therapists off of Instagram?. If I made one million dollars a year, I would have my own personal masseuse. When you’re a high-profile athlete, it’s important to avoid any situations that can put you into a “he said/she said” predicament.

Furthermore, and I cannot stress this enough, these allegations absolutely MUST be taken seriously. Far too often, in situations that feature a high-profile athlete like Deshaun Watson, the court of public opinion comes forward and casts judgment. In a legal situation, the facts can take months to surface. Patience is key.

What We Know

According to the first three lawsuits, the women live in Texas, Oregon, and Georgia, and all work as masseuses. Two claimed that during massages in March and August of last year, Watson was sexually suggestive and showed them his genitals. At one point, they claimed he made his penis touch their hand. The third allegation is the most serious of the three. The third woman’s lawsuit describes a situation in December where Watson “coerced” her into giving him oral sex. According to the filing, the woman did not consent and then “blacked out for a few minutes from fear.”

The NFL is investigating the allegations

The NFL confirmed on Thursday that it was investigating the situation. If Deshaun Watson is guilty or not in the court of law, the league can still suspend Watson. Super Bowl Champion Antonio Brown knows all about that. I have seen some websites discuss how this situation impacts the impending trade talks, and to be frank, I believe that is the last thing anyone should be worried about.

We need to let every complaint be heard, and every fact is checked before we call Deshaun Watson a sexual predator or call these women gold diggers. The unfortunate thing about legal situations is they are very lengthy.

The Sad Reality

This situation is very significant as this is either the biggest character assassination in this history of sports or Deshaun Watson is a serial sexual predator. There is no grey area. He is either the Bill Cosby of the NFL or Tony Buzbee, and every “Jane Doe” in those lawsuits should be in jail. The only thing we as fans can do is wait.

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