The Seth Jones Contract is a Huge Overpayment

Seth Jones

Seth Jones



The NHL offseason is always one of the best times of the year for hockey fans. The trades, the signings, and the drama make for some great entertainment. So far this offseason, we have seen some amazing moves. A majority of the moves have come on day one of the NHL Entry Draft last night. One move, in particular, that is making headlines is the move between the Columbus Blue Jackets and Chicago Blackhawks. This move saw Seth Jones on the move to the Blackhawks for a huge haul.



Columbus seems to have made out extremely well in this deal. They get a top 15 pick in the draft last night as well as another first-round pick next season. Along with that, they get an extremely talented prospect who is NHL ready in Adam Boqvist. Seth Jones is an extremely talented defenseman, but this seems like a huge overpayment by Chicago. Along with this, the Blackhawks have given Jones a mega-contract extension with the deal. If you thought the trade was an overpayment, check out the extension that comes along with it.



Contract Comparison

The best way to look at the contract is to compare it to other defensemen in the league. The only two defensemen in the league making more than Seth Jones is Erik Karlsson and Drew Doughty. Both have made a name for themselves to get the contract they have today. Over time though, the contract seems to get worse by the day. Both the Kings and Sharks have their respective defenseman locked in for a long period of time with a hefty cap hit. While they still have a lot of skill, it seems the production has diminished substantially.

Seth Jones is more of a shutdown type of defenseman. Doughty and Karlsson are more on the offensive side when it comes to their playing style. The comparison of playing seems to be extremely different. While Jones is a fantastic defenseman, this contract seems to be heading into a disaster of a situation for the future.



Seems Like An Overpayment

Seth Jones was the fourth overall pick in his respective draft. He has certainly lived up to his expectations. That being said, this contract is such an overpayment. Jones was borderline the best defenseman on his team in Columbus alongside Zac Werenski. Now that he is in Chicago, he is the cleat number one defenseman now that Duncan Keith is gone. This team needs all the help they can get and spend all this money and assets on one player is a huge risk for Chicago. Only time will tell how this will play out. As of right now, the fans of Chicago seem to be furious with the entire situation.


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