The top 4 American born players on July 4th

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The United States of America has produced a lot of great talent, and today is the fourth of July, so I wanted to fire out my top 4 American born hockey players of all time. Remember when reading this list, I don’t miss and this is the actual top 4. There is simply no room for debate

4.) Jeremy Roenick –  Jeremy Roenick Is not only a certified beauty, but he was also a stone-cold killer over his career and always showed up in the clutch moments. J.R is fourth in goals and points among American-born NHL players, and his outspoken, vibrant personality made him one of the most exciting players in the game. Roenick was not one to shy away from the controversy, during the 2005 lockout when asked about fans who say the players are spoiled J.R replied with “Those fans can kiss my ass” and even accused the 2006 United States Hockey Team’s senior leadership of “Blackballing” him because of his outspoken ways when they left him off of the team for the Olympic tournament. J.R is an American icon.

3.) Brian Leech – Apple pie doesn’t have anything on Brian Leech when it comes to being pure red, white and blue. Leech was always going to be an exceptional hockey player, that was evident in 1988 when the United States Men’s Olympic Hockey team named him to the roster before he had even arrived in the NHL. Leech went on to win the Stanley Cup and Conn Smythe in 1994 becoming the first American ever to be handed the MVP of the playoffs. Leech played his 18 years in New York, Toronto and Boston before hanging em up and arriving at the Hockey Hall Of Fame in 2009. Brian Leech is Captain America

2.) Patrick Kane – Yes one day Patrick Kane will sit atop this list, and there is zero doubt about that, Kane, the three-time Stanley Cup Champion, put American hockey back on the scene when he arrived in Chicago in 2007. In this time Kane has scored a game 7 Stanley Cup-winning goal, rocked a legendary mullet equipt with racing stripes and has some of the nastiest hands the game has ever seen. Patty Kane has also racked up a Hart Trophy for the leagues top player and an Art Ross for leading the league in points. Kane is only 369 points behind Brett Hull for the all-time leader in points by an American born hockey player and will undoubtedly smash that record by the time he hangs up the skates. Patrick Kane, we’re not worthy.

1.) Mike Modano – Mike Modano is the face of the Dallas Stars entire franchise and will be for life, but what separated Modano was his commitment at both ends of the ice. The 6’3 C was as good in his zone as he was in the offensive zone. Modano lead The Dallas Stars to a Stanley Cup in 1999 defeating the Buffalo Sabres. In his final season, Modano went to his home state Detroit Redwings where he finished one game shy of hitting 1500 career games because Mike Babcock (known A-hole) used to get off on punishing veterans and robbed Mo of reaching that milestone. Regardless of what d-bags like Babcock thought Modano was a treasure to the sport and will be an American hockey icon.



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