Three Teams That Should Look Into Jack Eichel



Okay. Don’t go jumping to conclusions just quite yet. I am not calling for Eichel to be traded. Not yet at least. It’s time to face the reality and start to accept that it is a possibility he can be traded. If he does get traded, the potential return for him would be incredible.



Eichel has 348 career points in 366 career games. He is a 20 goal scorer in every season of his career. Teams would be insane to not at least ask on Eichel. It may take a hefty package to get him, but it is not impossible. He is a generational talent for the sport. There are some teams out there with the draft capital and prospect pool to at least get a deal started. Here are three teams that should look into acquiring Eichel

New York Rangers

If there is anything that the Rangers need, it is someone who can play center. They also just need help in the goal-scoring department. Eichel would be a perfect fit on that top line with Panarin. This will put Zibanejad on the 2nd line to help out the secondary scoring. Any deal for Eichel would have to include one of the Rangers blue-chip guys. Pair K’Andre Miller with Ryan Strome, another prospect, and a draft pick, and BANG! Eichel is a Ranger. Imagine Panrin and Eichel on the same team? That is a recipe for destruction around the league.

Calgary Flames

Calgary is a team that should be throwing the kitchen sink at the Sabres. Whatever they are doing up there in Alberta is not been enough to put the Flames into that next tier. The Sean Monahan and Johnny Gaudreau duo is the backbone of this team. The surrounding pieces are not enough to sustain any push. A deal for Eichel would 100% include Sean Monahan, but that is not enough.

One of their young defensemen will also be included with a high-level prospect and some type of draft pick. Just imagine how much better the Battle of Alberta would be with Eichel vs. McDavid. They are the top two picks in their draft but have not seen each other a whole lot. This will be insane if this happens.

Boston Bruins

Another place to fit a player like Eichel is Boston. This is a dream scenario for Eichel. The Massachusetts native can return to the town he played college hockey at. He can be a beautiful fit for the Bruins. Another reason is the thought of Pastrnak and Eichel on the same line. If you want some high-scoring plays, that is the combo to do it.

Between these three teams, the Bruins are the ones that would have a hard time striking a deal. If they strike a deal, they will need to give up a huge load, but a first-rounder is only a small price to pay to take home Lord Stanley’s Cup. A couple picks with Jack Studnicka, Jeremy Lauzon, and Jake Debrusk and Eichel come home.