Thunder vs Rockets Game Postponed Due To COVID-19

James Harden

Tonight, we were all looking forward to some NBA basketball with James Harden and the Rockets taking on the OKC Thunder. That isn’t the case anymore as the game has been postponed per the league’s Health and Safety Protocols, or in short terms, the COVID rules. Night two of the NBA season and we already have our first postponement.

This decision comes on the same day as photos surfaced on the internet of Rockets star James Harden in a strip club with no mask on. Could these two have relations with one another? Absolutely. Three players on the Rockets have come back with either positive or inconclusive test results for COVID. I highly doubt that they all got it from Harden, but it all comes a little too close to each other in news story outbreaks.

The lessons of the story are: stay six feet apart, no large groups, and wear a mask, especially if you know you will get photos taken of you at a strip club during a pandemic.

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