TJ Dillashaw is Back. Should He Fight for the Title?

TJ Dillashaw has finally served his two-year suspension from USADA. Dillashaw was caught using “EPO” which is a performance-enhancing drug used by athletes to improve their cardio. TJ’s last fight was against Henry Cejudo who stopped Dillashaw’s bid to become a two-division world champion in just 32 seconds. Dillashaw protested the stop calling it an early stoppage. To Dillashaw’s defense, he seemed aware and stood up quickly after the stoppage to immediately protest. Dana White was not happy about the stoppage, to say the least calling it a “horrible stoppage.”

TJ Dillashaw was granted a rematch at his home in the bantamweight division. However, due to Dillashaw’s suspension, it never took place. Dillashaw has been stripped of the bantamweight title since his suspension and the current titleholder is Petr Yan. Yan has a title bout scheduled for March 6th against Aljamain Sterling.  Does Dillashaw wait for the winner of that fight and fight for the strap? Or does Dillashaw need to fight to prove he is still worthy?

The highest-ranked fighter in the top ten for the bantamweight division that is not booked to fight is Rob Font. Although I don’t believe Dillashaw should have to fight someone before getting a shot at a title, he lost due to suspension I would not complain about seeing Dillashaw versus Font.

Fight fans, do you think TJ Dillashaw deserves a title shot right away? Or do you want to see him earn it by defeating Rob Font or another contender? Let us know.

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