Tom Brady Gets Shit-Faced at Super Bowl Parade

Tom Brady at Super Bowl Parade



Tom Brady is not your average football player. He is without a doubt the greatest of all time to ever play the game. Brady keeps his body in better shape than anyone I have ever seen. Fresh off of winning his seventh Super Bowl championship at age 43, today is a day of celebration.

Brady and the Buccaneers are feeling good today as they participate in their Super Bowl championship parade. When you have a championship parade, it means one thing and one thing only: it is time to party. Even someone like Brady let loose today and pounded down a beer or two… or fifteen.



We have all been there, right? You have a few too many at a party and your buddy helps you get back to your house. Brady doesn’t drink during the regular season as he is mainly focused on the next game. Today, all that was irrelevant as he looks like he is having a blast. Drunk TB12 even went to Twitter to address the viral video of his day.



Yeah, he is gone from this planet. He deserves every moment of this day. The whole story this season has been something out of a fairy tale. Go ahead, Tommy. Pound down ten more avocado tequila shots. This offseason party is off to a rocking start. Tom is giving Gronk a run for his money so far. He didn’t even celebrate this hard when he won six championships in New England. Something tells me this party has a little more of a good feel to it. Suck on this one Bill.


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