Top deals and signings in NFL so far


There have been some crazy NFL signings over the past week. Tons of players ended up on teams we least expected, and some with deals that made no sense.

Over the past week, we’ve seen a few bad signings, maybe not the player being bad, but the contract. The best example I can think of is Nelson Agholor to the Patriots. Agholor is getting $13M a year over the next two years. Where’s the ESPN “Come on Man”? You can’t tell me Nelson Agholor is worth more than JuJu or Marvin Jones, at least these guys have had thousand yard seasons in the past. Agholor has never even had over 900 yards in a season, and is worth maybe $9M at best. There were a few other questionable calls by teams this week. One might be Trey Hendrickson to the Bengals. Last season was Hendrickson’s first breakout year and Cincinnati gave him $60M for four years. Sounds like a Hail Mary to me, but it may work out in the end.

Obviously, there are fans upset with their team signings, but this always happens. Chicago fans Probably weren’t too happy about giving Andy Dalton $10M next year. Dalton isn’t too much of an upgrade from Mitch Trubisky if at all, but we’ll see what he can do back in a starting role.

Now down to the best signings, and there have been quite a few, so a top five list was no easy feat.


Honorable Mentions

JuJu Smith-Schuster-JuJu was a good signing for Pittsburgh for only $8M. Reports said that he got the same offer from Kansas City but declined and $9M from Baltimore. Either of these teams have a better chance at making the Super Bowl than Pittsburgh, so I think they made a good investment for next season.

Keanu Neal- Neal has had a rough last few years, playing in just four games between the 2018 and 2019 seasons. The season prior to this though, he was a Pro Bowler and as long as he stays healthy, he could get there again. Dallas offered Neal $5M for a one year deal, which isn’t bad at all.

Anthony Harris- Harris was signed for $5M by the Eagles and I think this is an absolute steal. Harris had over 100 tackles last season, he just wasn’t able to pick the ball off. In 2019, he co-led the NFL in interceptions with 6, so we know he’s capable of tracking down the ball.

The List

  1. John Brown- Raiders

Yes, I said John Brown. While this may not be the most high-profile signing this year, they got him for a good value. Las Vegas signed Brown to a one-year, $3.75M deal. Brown only played in 8 games last year, which hurt his stock. The previous year though, he had over 70 catches and over 1,000 yards. As long as the 30-year-old can stay healthy he might be able to squeeze out another 1,000-yard season. Considering Las Vegas only signed him to a one-year deal I don’t think they put themselves in any hurt spending less than $4M.

  1. Marlon Mack- Colts

Again, not the most exciting signing, but the Colts snagged him on a one-year deal for just $2M. The reason they probably got him for so cheap was that he only played in one game last season due to injury. While this was hard on the team, they luckily drafted Jonathan Taylor, who rushed for 1,169 yards and 11 Touchdowns last season. Mack Probably won’t fall into the starting role again, but will be a solid backup. If Mack plays decent, he could be a starter somewhere else after next season. Mack had over 1,000 yards and 8 touchdowns in 2019, and can probably produce this again considering he’s just 25.

  1. John Johnson- Browns

This was a pick a was super proud of. Johnson was a 2018 Pro-Bowl snub, having 119 tackles and 4 interceptions. Cleveland Signed him to a three-year, $33.75M deal. This was a steal considering his age (25), and that he has played very well over the past three years. Johnson will also be reunited with cornerback Troy Hill, who Cleveland signed to a two-year deal just days after Johnson’s signing. Johnson will be a huge asset to Cleveland’s secondary, taking the spot of the biggest liability in football, Andrew Sendejo. Yes I’m extremely happy to be moving on from him.

  1. Kevin Zeitler- Ravens

Zeitler was a very good sign for this Baltimore team. They signed him to a three-year, $22M deal. While Baltimore does have a decent line with Orlando Brown Jr, and Ronnie Stanley, Zeitler will definitely give Lamar Jackson more time to throw. Zeitler played all 16 games last year and started 134 of 135 of his career games. This was a great signing for a very reliable blocker.

  1. Mitch Trubisky-Bills

Yes, you read that name right, it says Mitch Trubisky. Now I have said numerous times that Trubisky is as garbage as an NFL quarterback can be, but usually also exaggerating. While Trubisky hasn’t played to his first-round abilities over the past few years, he did make the Pro-Bowl back in 2018, which counts for something. The Bills were able to sign him on a one-year, $2.5M deal. This is a great sign for a backup player who led his team to the playoffs two out of the last three years. While everyone hopes for the best out of Josh Allen, Trubisky will be ready to step up if needed.


While there were plenty of more great signings, there might even be a few more great deals to come that have a chance of making this list as well.


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