TOS Staff Divisional Weekend Predictions


The Divisional Round Playoff Weekend is upon us and the boys will continue their quest for bragging rights of being the NFL Playoff Prediction Champ!

Last weekend we were treated to an exciting Super Wild Card Weekend full of excitement, upsets and very questionable officiating.

Germfish himself (Germano) got out to an early lead on us all with his 5-1 record. Boss Man (Mancuso) should be sitting atop the standings with him, but a failure of attention to detail gave him a big L when his love for the “Playoff Ravens” was overshadowed by his official pick of the Titans was submitted.

This week, we have our first clean sweep with all the guys going all in on the Green Bay Packers. Aside from Bugzy going with the Hail Mary of taking the Browns, the boys are heavily favouring a Chiefs win as well.

The standings could see some real shuffling based on the other two matchups. Both the Bills/Ravens and Saints/Bucs matchups are an even 3-3 split between the picks.

How will the standing look after this weekend? Who do you think will be atop of the standings when its all said and done? ..Let us know your thoughts and picks in the comments below!

Everyone, Enjoy the weekend!



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