UFC 260 Texas? Dana White Thinks So



UFC 260 Texas?

Earlier today UFC president Dana White told Marc Raimondi that he would like to hold UFC 260 in Texas. If Texas is able to host this UFC event then Uncle Dana said “I’m ready to roll.” No other promotion or professional sports league has thrived during the pandemic quite like the UFC or Dana White. White even trolled woke media members doubting his ability to pull off having events in a pandemic (which he later deleted). No surprise The Athletic wrote a piece crying about it.



Dana is really good at three things: putting on amazing cards, making money, and telling the woke media exactly where to go. The “wokies” will be extremely mad once again as White wants to put the fans in the stands. When the heavyweight title is on the line at UFC 260, Dana wants to make it even bigger. What’s bigger than putting it in the lone star state of Texas? Especially with Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannou.

The Reasoning Behind Putting UFC 260 in Texas

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has now lifted the mask mandate and has opened Texas 100 percent. This means the UFC could hold an event in Texas with 100 percent capacity. When Uncle Dana heard that, he picked up the phone and made a call to Dallas. However, Dallas rejected the idea of UFC 260 being held in their city.



The next hope for the event to be seen by the fans in person is the great city of Houston, Texas. The vaccine is out and IT IS TIME for things to get back to normal. There is nothing better than seeing the UFC live and in person. There is not the same energy watching it on TV without the fans. Conor McGregor fighting without the loud passionate Irish crowd behind him is a travesty.

Dana White has the biggest balls in all of sports period. If you do not like Uncle Dana go sit on a cactus and spin. UFC 260 Texas. Let’s make it happen.


UFC 260 Texas

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