UFC Misses by Gifting Masvidal an Undeserved Rematch

UFC misses



The UFC and Dana White knock it out of the park again during the pandemic. The UFC is allowing full capacity for UFC 261 in Jacksonville Florida. However, the main event is a big miss for the UFC. Kamaru Usman will defend his belt against Jorge Masvidal.

If this is not the most undeserved immediate rematch in UFC history then it is right up there with the worst of them. Masvidal last fought in the UFC eight months ago. That last fight was for the welterweight championship of the world. Masvidal lost the fight 50-45 to the current champion Kamaru Usman. The fight was not close and certainly not deserving of an immediate rematch for Masvidal even without the eight-month layoff.

UFC Misses by Not Booking Usman Vs. Covington

To make matters worse there is an obvious candidate for this title fight that is much more deserving of a rematch with Kamaru “The Nigerian Nightmare” Usman: Colby Covington. Colby broke his jaw and was TKO’d by Usman in his title bout with the current champion. However, the fight was much closer than the fight Masvidal had with Usman in which he did not win a single round. Additionally, Covington has had a fight since his title loss in which he was victorious. Covington defeated Tyron Woodly by stoppage in the fifth round back in September.

The UFC is missing the mark by rewarding Masvidal for doing absolutely nothing for eight months after an incredibly lopsided loss. The excuse that Masvidal lost is right up there with some of the worst excuses in UFC history. For example, motivated Conor (McGregor) and sea level Cain (Velazquez.)

However, I am perfectly okay with a blunder every now and then by the best sports promotion on the planet, and the greatest man in sports, Dana White.

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