WATCH: Undefeated Fighter Valerie Loureda Announces New Fight In Style



Valerie Loureda at 22-years-old is becoming a controversial name in MMA. Loureda has a big Instagram following and gets fired up from the claim that she’s just an Instagram model. That chip on her shoulder willed her to a devastating finish of Tara Graff at Bellator 243. Critics don’t like that Loureda likes to post pictures in a bikini but at Tarps Off MMA we don’t give a fuck. Go ahead girl she knocks them out, drinks that margarita on the beach, and takes hot pics on a jetski. Micheal Bisping’s 2020 hottest fighter does what she wants.

Valerie announced that she has a new fight by doing the “Buss It Out Challenge” and again people are crying that she’s an Instagram model. She is a 3-0 fighter with all her wins coming in the Bellator cage. Loureda finished sixth last year in best Bellator knockouts with her win over Graff. If you don’t like a girl with confidence showing off her beauty and knocking people out in the octagon, that’s your problem. Loureda is great for the sport and is a champion of female fighters. Valerie Loureda is a fighter. Keep lining them up and knocking them down and don’t let the critics stop you from being yourself. Keep the haters crying 3-0 you tick fucks.

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