Von Miller’s Ex-Fiancee Shares Shocking Text Messages “Here’s Yall’s MVP”



Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller is in the news for disturbing messages he sent his ex-fiancee while pregnant. Von Miller and his ex-fiancee Megan Denise have had a very rocky relationship. They have broken up and got back together multiple times over the years. Now Denise shares text messages on her Instagram page claiming that Von Miller prayed she would have a miscarriage. She leads off the reveal with, “Since y’all want to know, here’s y’all’s MVP.”

Twitter is having a field day at the expense of Von Miller. Miller deserves all of the smoke if these text messages prove not to be fabricated. However, Miller has gone to his Instagram page, posting a story calling it “fake news, lol.”  The Broncos linebacker claims that his ex is just mad about the breakup and is making the entire thing up. Miller’s beef with former stripper Megan Denise is just the latest example of why professional athletes should stay out of the strip club. Also, I need to note that Von Miller forgot the golden rule here at Tarps Off Sports “NO HORNY!”

Von Miller could learn many lessons here about birth control, how text messages are forever, and don’t pray for miscarriages. Luckily for Von, it seems like an athlete getting in trouble with something to do with a strip club is now a weekly occurrence. Next week there will be another story. People will be going back to talking about how Miller is one of the best linebackers in the NFL. Only a select few will remember that Von Miller is an asshole.


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