WATCH: Lions New Head Coach Dan Campbell is Gonna Bite Your Kneecaps



The Detroit Lions have announced the hiring of a new head coach in Dan Campbell. Campbell is starting his tenure with a bang.

He wants to put the Detroit back in the Lions. On top of this, Dan is an absolute psychopath and is exactly what the franchise needs. A nerd like Matt Patricia is not what is going to turn this franchise around. A man willing to bite your kneecaps and kick your teeth in is what it is going to take.

Detroit is done with losing. They don’t want to hear your plan to win X amount of games. The Lions want someone that is going to fight for Detroit. When you think of Detroit you think of toughness. Not only is Dan Campbell is one tough mother fucker, but he’ll also bite you in the fucking kneecap.

Can Dan Campbell bring the Lions back? All things considered, I do not know. However, one thing I do know is that these Lions bite!

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