WATCH: Gloves Dropped Nick Ritchie VS Brendan Lemieux

Nick Ritchie and Brendan Lemieux


The gloves came off and it was Nick Ritchie VS Lemieux.

There is one thing that is certain here. These two players know how to fight. Brendan Lemieux is one of the toughest players in the league and will not back down from a battle. After this game was said and done at the final buzzer, these two players decide to drop the gloves.

Nick Ritchie got some good punches in the beginning, but Lemieux got him back by the end of the fight. Watch it below.



These two teams will see each other a lot this season let’s hope the fireworks continue to fly. Maybe even see a rematch of Nick Ritchie VS Lemieux before the final buzzer sounds? We will see.

Nick Ritchie VS Lemieux

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