What is Next For Mitch Marner?

Mitch Marner

Mitch Marner



The fan base surrounding the Maple Leafs seems to be in a state of crisis. This year was supposed to be the year of the Maple Leafs, but that was squashed immediately in the playoffs. After having a season to remember and a lot of promise, the Maple Leafs have disappointing everyone once again. The Maple Leafs are known for choking in the playoffs, but this is a new level of choking. After jumping out to a 3-1 series lead with two possible home games to close out the series, the Leafs failed hard. The fourth line came to play, but Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews seemed invisible.

Mitch Marner is a fantastic player with a lot of skill, but he seems to crack under pressure. There are moments in the playoffs where he can come up huge for the Leafs, but most of the time it’s tough to watch. He is visibly nervous during the biggest moments and this year confirmed that suspicion. With the Maple Leafs in need of a major shakeup, the fans seem to have put a target on Mitch Marner.


Playoff Stats

This year seemed like it would be a cakewalk in the playoffs for Mitch Marner and the Leafs. Montreal seemed like a huge underdog and the stars of the Maple Leafs would go off against them. That was the exact opposite of what really happened. Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews were amongst the top of the list for points this season. After all the hype heading into the series, the two players combined for one goal in seven games. It ultimately helped lead to the elimination of the Leafs from the playoffs.

Mitch Marner did manage to put up four assists in the series and was a +1 for his rating. Those stats seem to work out for the common players, but for a player like Marner, that is chump change. His constant turnovers in the biggest moments of the game are also an issue for Marner in these playoffs. One specific turnover that leads to the first goal of game seven was a turning point in that game. Marner is a great player, but for the money he is making, he should be putting up god-like numbers. Unacceptable.



What’s Next For Mitch Marner?

There are a lot of angry Maple Leaf fans out there who want change. It is clear that the Leafs need a shakeup for their core, but what is the best decision? The fans are calling to break up the bond between Mitch Marner and his hometown team. The real question would be “What would be the return in a blockbuster trade?”.

It is clear that the Leafs cannot rely on Morgan Rielly to be their number one defenseman. They need someone who has the grit of Jake Muzzin, but the offense of a Morgan Rielly. One player that comes to mind is Seth Jones in Columbus. The Blue Jackets want to trade him without an extension and it seems he would be perfect in the Maple Leafs’ system.

Either way, it seems like trading Mitch Marner is a real possibility. The return would have to be immaculate for the Leafs to pull the trigger, but a lot of teams would want Mitch Marner on their team. If the Leafs decide to keep him, they still have one of the best offensive players in the league, but he needs to smarten up in the playoffs. No more nervousness from this guy if the Leafs want any chance at success in the postseason.



Where do you think Marner ends up this summer? Is he staying put or are the Maple Leafs going to blow up the team? Let us know.


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