What Will Happen to Joel Quenneville?

Joel Quenneville

Joel Quenneville



A major bombshell of a news story dropped today in Chicago. There has been a long going investigation involving the Chicago Blackhawks and multiple sexual assault allegations. These allegations are based on events back involving the 2010 Blackhawks team. This includes people within the organization such as Stan Bowman, Joel Quenneville, and John McDonough.

The events had been swept under the rug as the team was in the middle of their 2010 Stanley Cup run. As the investigation is still ongoing, the news of this cover-up from the organization has resulted in Stan Bowman, the GM of the Blackhawks, stepping down from his position. He also stepped down as the GM of the United States Olympic team this year. This seems like the right thing to do for the position Bowman is in right now. So what does this mean for Joel Quenneville?



Lying Through His Teeth

The biggest concern about this situation is the straight facts around it. Sexual assault should never be taken lightly no matter where the allegations are taking place. This should especially be the case for a franchise with such a rich history in the Chicago Blackhawks. Joel Quenneville was the head coach of the Blackhawks back in 2010 when all this happens. Despite all the evidence coming out to say he knew about it, Joel Quenneville denied knowing about this.

Back in July, when these allegations first came out, Joel Quenneville released a statement saying he had just found out about the allegations. Well, that seems to be a load of shit with the evidence coming out today. Back on May 23, 2010, the Blackhawks had a team meeting to discuss these allegations. The meeting included the likes of Stan Bowman (GM of the Blackhawks), John McDonough (GM of the Jets), and Joel Quenneville. He knew all along about these allegations and was once again trying to sweep it under the rug. This is a next-level amount of scumbag



Joel Quenneville Needs To Go

Stan Bowman did the correct thing when he stepped down as the Blackhawks GM today. There is no room for people in this league that will hide any serious allegations like these. If Joel Quenneville was smart, he would follow in Bowman’s footsteps. Quenneville is currently the head coach of the first-place Florida Panthers.

Joel Quenneville is set to have a meeting with Commissioner Gary Bettman soon about these allegations. Will Bettman decides to bring down the hammer on Quenneville? It is a very big possibility. The right thing to do would be for Quenneville to step away from hockey while this investigation continues. Until there is an official verdict, there should be no distractions within any organization that have a suspect involved. This includes the Panthers and the Jets.



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