Whats Next For Jake Paul? 5 Opponents Who Make Dollars and Cents

Jake Paul



We live In a world where you need to wear a mask to take a piss in a restaurant just to sit back down and take it off. Can we all agree 2021 was a messed-up year? Even more, messed up than masking on a walk to a pisser was the fact that YouTuber Jake Paul exploded onto the boxing scene. The 25-year-old Ohio native went three for three in 2021 knocking out former MMA champions Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley on way to becoming the highest-paid athlete under 25. Yes, you read that correctly Jake fucking Paul’s three wins over MMA wrestlers grossed him 40 million USD. Now whether or not you like Jake Paul or not is irrelevant, there is no stopping the “circus fights”. They are here to stay.

The circus fights are here to stay but the 25-year-old YouTuber can’t get away with lying anymore. Another MMA wrestler isn’t going to cut it and the PPV buys from the Woodley II fight showed it. The online interest for the Paul vs Tommy Fury fight was much higher than the Woodley rematch for the simple fact that people aren’t stupid. We all saw the boxing skillset Jake has acquired in his four years of training and there is just no way to sell an MMA wrestler anymore. Jake will beat them every time, so that begs the question. What’s next for Jake Paul?

Anderson Silva 

Anderson “The Spider” Silva is maybe the only true Mixed Martial Artist Showtime could sell to the combat sports world. The Spider is widely regarded as the greatest striker in the history of MMA. Silva re-launched his boxing career in 2021. He had two very impressive wins over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and former UFC champion Tito Ortiz. The fight against Ortiz wasn’t even close. To be honest, it should have never been booked. The 46-year-old Brazilian defeated Chavez Jr a veteran of 60 professional fights. The 20 year age gap would seem to align with the type of fighter Paul would like to face. Make no mistake, Anderson Silva has the ability to teach the youngster a lesson.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr

While he may not be as talented as his father before him, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr could very well be the most attractive option for Jake Paul. The veteran of sixty professional fights had a bumpy 2021 after we saw him lose to former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva via split decision. The former WBC Middleweight champion has always had questions surrounding the quality of the competition he has faced and at 35 years old he could be the perfect candidate for Jake to officially start his boxing career against.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr is incredible at selling his fights, but he is just as charismatic and flashy as Paul and checks the box of “a real boxer”. If I’m Jake’s team I am licking my chops at this one. Beating the 35-year-old would force the combat sports community to put some respect on the Paul name.

Tommy Fury

Ah, Tommy Fury, now known as “Timmy Fumbles” was supposed to welcome Jake to the real world of boxing back on December 18th, 2021 but a broken rib ended up killing the fight and the event itself. Tommy is best known for his time on a reality show called “Love Island” and has a professional record of 7-0. Only one of those wins is very impressive and was a reason this fight vs Jake made perfect sense.

If I am Jake I probably don’t reward Tommy with the payday but I speak for the entire combat sports community when I say I would pay to see Tommy’s dad John Fury partake in another press conference. The presser leading into the fight saw the father of Tommy and Heavyweight king Tyson Fury tell Paul that when Tommy beat him he would bend his girlfriend over and “do her like a dog”. It was absolute madness.

Jorge Masvidal

Aside from Conor McGregor, Jorge Masvidal is the second biggest PPV draw in the UFC. Masvidal and Paul have an interesting history as Jorge was actually the first MMA fighter to cross enemy lines and support Paul in his fight against his former rival Ben Askren. The tide began to change after Paul dusted Askren and proceeded his war of words with Masvidal’s boy Tyron Woodley. As I mentioned Jorge is a PPV monster which could be exactly what the doctor ordered as the last events PPV numbers were trash. Masvidal could sell ice to an Eskimo. Something to keep an eye on.

Mike Tyson

Iron Mike Tyson is the toughest most savage mother fucker to ever enter a boxing ring. Like all of Paul’s fights so far Iron Mike is far removed from his prime at 55 years old. Everyone knows the backstories to the financial hardship Tyson faced in his career. Regardless of his questionable behavior and his scumbag manager Don King. I am always against athletes putting their reputations on the line for a chance at a payday. That being said, there is zero doubt that if the world gets a chance to see Mike swing at Jake’s head the PPVs will sell themselves.

Jake’s brother Logan took on boxing legend Floyd Mayweather last year in an exhibition match. That clearly was designed to keep Logan alive. I know Mike Tyson likes the Pauls. That being said, I have a hard time believing he won’t look to send Jake to the moon. In order to get Mike to agree to the fight Showtime and Jake better be prepared to split the revenues down the middle with the former Heavyweight Champion of the world. In my opinion I believe this fight will go down at some point in 2022.

Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz is a name that Jake LOVES to bring into the public light, with the UFC veteran sitting on the last fight of his current deal with the UFC it is understandable to see why Jake would be looking to box the Stockton native. Diaz is one of the original gangsters of the fight game. His brother Nick, Jake Shields, Gilbert Melendez and Nate make up the legendary “Skrap Pack”. The Skrap Pack have never been known to turn down a fight whether it is in the Octagon or the streets the crew have been beating asses since the early 2000s.

Nate got his first taste of being a true prizefighter when he took on then UFC Champion Conor McGregor. He then submitted the UFC’s biggest star in the second round. Diaz is to the UFC what Mike Tyson is to boxing. They might not have the best records in the history of the sport. Their authenticity and willingness to fight anytime anywhere have made them megastars in combat sports.  The Diaz brothers both have incredible boxing ability but again Jake would be fighting someone he has 20 pounds on. To be honest, with a trilogy fight against McGregor inevitable, I don’t see any reason why Nate should consider.

in conclusion, regardless of what you think of Jake Paul, he earned 40 million dollars last year. He was the highest-grossing athlete under 25-years-old. Whether we like it or not Jake is in the drivers seat. Money talks and bull shit takes the bus. No matter who gets selected to fight Paul, we will all be watching just hoping he gets what’s he deserves. Jake Paul is going to be a massive name in combat sports in 2022. Sit back and enjoy the circus.


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