What’s Next For Sean Brady After UFC Vegas 43?

What's Next for Sean Brady

28-year-old Sean Brady has continued his UFC dominance with his decision victory over Michael “Maverick” Chiesa at UFC Vegas 43. Now 15-0, Brady looks to be in a position to take Chiesa’s spot at #6 in the welterweight division. This will likely happen this Tuesday when Dana White and his crew update the rankings and line-up fights.

So, what’s next for our young undefeated superstar? The welterweight division is notoriously stacked and any fight in the top 10 would likely be an insane battle. So, join us, as today we look at the stats and availability of the welterweight top 10 and truly see what’s likely next for Sean Brady.

Potential Matchups

Vicente Luque (21-7-1,14-2 UFC)

A beloved young star in the sport himself, Vicente Luque is a banger with elite jiu-jitsu. Now on a four-fight win streak, you could say Luque and Brady would give us a barn-burner of a main event.

Luque’s currently ranked #4, and this would be a logical step-up for Brady. This also makes sense because both fighters have wins over Chiesa, and both Brady and Luque have similar skill sets.

Speaking of Chiesa, the way the third round ended led many to think the outcome of the fight could’ve been different had it been a five-round affair. “Maverick” ended the fight posted up, reigning down blows on a turtled-up Brady. In fact, if there had been like 30 seconds left in the match, we could have had a different victor.

Michael Chiesa (18-6, 11-6 UFC)

As mentioned, the fight would get closer and closer the more time that elapsed. Our first round saw Chiesa successful in his south-paw stance; grabbing Brady’s lead hand to pull it down and land a left cross. This would, unfortunately, lead to a couple of eye-pokes though, and we’d see “Maverick” move away from this strategy.

Eventually, a left cross by Chiesa would land on the money, busting Brady’s nose. The undefeated Sean Brady claimed this was also a prime reason behind his cardio seeming to fail deep into the fight.

The grappling of Brady would be smothering though, and many believed Chiesa was down 2-0 heading into the third. Our final round was perhaps the most competitive. There was some more grappling by Sean Brady, but more and more the strikes of Michael Chiesa were finding a home and Brady looked to be gassing out. In the end, it was Chiesa on top, reigning down blows, which is what leads many thirsty for a rematch. Leave your thoughts on this in the comments below!

Notable Mentions

Leon Edwards (19-3, 11-2 UFC) is on a massive streak and has recently lost his opponent for his upcoming fight in Jorge Masvidal due to injury. While Edwards has stated his intentions of waiting around for a title shot, the chaotic nature of the welterweight division could force Edwards to stay active if he truly hopes of garnering a shot at the belt. With Edwards’ massive streak of nine wins, it makes sense if the UFC were to pit him against Brady in a classic “one streak must go” matchup.

Colby Covington (16-3, 11-3 UFC) is coming off of a loss to the welterweight champion Kamaru Usman. While voicing his desire for a Masvidal fight, there’s always the chance that the match doesn’t come to fruition. A Sean Brady vs Colby Covington fight would be a compelling matchup and something fans could get behind. We have the division largely tied up at the top, and the fact Usman has beat so many challengers means the UFC needs new blood in the top 5.

What do you think of these matchups? Drop a comment below of who you’d like to see Sean Brady fight next!

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